Apr 14, 2008

The animal for nili'sworld is a lion. The lion represent strength, honor, justice and truth. Just like me.

I Am From
By Nelson Garley

I am from a neighborhood so bad,
You get shot while getting shot.
A neighborhood where crack and cocaine are
Cheaper than asthma and AIDS medicine.
And where I got my first bike stolen.
I am from Chad Brown

I am from a family with two
Brothers and one sister.
With strong black men
And beautiful young women.
A family where soccer is loved
From childhood to manhood.
A family where great athletes are raised.
A family where God comes first
In every day life.

I am from a place with many ancient histories .
A place that raised many young, strong,
And smart young leaders.
I am from the home of Kuntakinta and
The great Nelson Mandela.
I am from the land of my father’s pride.
I am from Africa

Apr 4, 2008

Rules Of Life

  1. God comes first in every day life.
  2. Treat others the way you like to be treated.
  3. cleanup after yourself.
  4. respect your parents,pears,and elders.
  5. No gay people allow lin Nelli'sworld.
  6. everyone must finish high school
  7. everybody has to be fit in the community.
  8. soccfer must be loved bay every one.

Apr 1, 2008

welcome to neli's world

welcome to Neli's world welcome to a world with peace and quiet. A world where you can walk the street and not worry about getting shot. A world where God comes first in every body life. A world where there is no gangs and no drugs. A world where you are protected by a superhero. welcome to Neli's world.